Take a quick tour of how QR Codes can revolutionize the way you market your products & services!

Quick Response (QR) Code System

Arion provides unique IT Solutions for customers in need of “value-added” services to increase customer and product awareness as well as improve marketing efforts in existing product lines.

Arion provides “value-added” premium services utilizing Quick Response (QR) Codes to assist with advertising, marketing and promotional needs. Our QR Code system will allow marketers to send qualified consumers relevant multimedia content in real-time, based on exact location, at the best point of interest of sales directly on to their smartphone device. In addition, our powerful system will track data such as GPS location, consumer preferences, date & time, and much more allowing marketers to collect critical consumer data. Arion can distribute, fulfill, label, and send package to customer with QR Codes and retrieve / track relevant consumer data from point of origin to point of consumption.